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www.bishnupriyamanipuri.org unleash the 1st BishnupriyaManipuri list

Bishnupriya Manipuri Firsts

  • First Minister: Girok Bimal Sinha. He was the Health Minister of Tripura, India.
  • First MLA: Girok Geetiswami Sinha and Girok Gano Sinha, India
  • First lady MLA: Mrs.Bijoy Lakhi Sinha, Tripura
  • First Justice: Justice S K Sinha, Bangladesh
  • First IITian: Mr. Joysen Jit Rajkumar, presently in New Delhi (Reported by Sandeep Rajkumar)
  • First Superintendant of Police: Mr. Babul Sinha
  • First Topper in State Board Exams: Mrs. Shyamali Sinha
  • First television star: Mr. Krishnakanta Sinha (Captain Tara, Sigma), India
  • First Bollywood actor: Mr. Krishnakanta Sinha (Dil Se and more), India
  • First Bollywood choreographer: Himu Sinha, Mumbai
  • First All India Radio Artist: Girok Kunjolal Sinha, Calcutta, India
  • First Playback singer: Girok Kunjolal Sinha, India
  • First Drama Company: Girok Prem Singh Jatra Dol, India
  • First Fashion Designer in Bollywood: Jyoti Prakash Sinha (Manna). Currently he is working with Abu Jani in Mumbai.
  • First Rock Band: Mingaal, India
  • First  Ranji Trophy Cricketer: Mr. Riten Sinha (Guwahati)
  • First practicing lawyer in Supreme Court: Ms. Jayashree Sinha, India
  • First Professor in IIM: Mr. Banibrata Sinha, India
  • First person to work with IMF: Mr. Biman  Sinha, India
  • First Civil Surgeon: Dr.Hari Prasad Sinha, India,
  • First  website : pouri.com by Uttam Sinha, Bangladesh
  • First  website: www.bishnupriyamanipuri.org  Jyotirmoy Sinha, delhi India
  • First Police Inspector in British Police: Girok Gapeshwar Sinha, India
  • First Film Maker: Girok Bimal Sinha from Tripura made the first Bishnupriya Manipuri film
  • First Maha Mel: At Patherkandi, India
  • First social organization: Biraat Sabha
  • First Martyr: Shahid Sudeshna, Patherkandi , India
  • First Fashion Photographer: Mr. Amit Sinha, India

  • Reported By Sukanta Sinha, Guwahati ... 23 Jan, 09
  • 1st BM PHD in Computer Science: Sritikumar Sinha, Dean, Computer Sc. Dept., Tezpur university,
  • 1st PHD of BM. : Kaliprasad sinha, Ex HOD, Sanskrit, Assam university

  • Reported by Dr. Rajib Singha, Delhi ... 23 Jan, 09
  • An eminent & first gynaecology specialist : Dr. Debendra Sinha
  • She is the first graduate of B.M. community : Mrs. Sukhajyoti Sinha. (Guwahati) Wife of Late Krishna Sinha. (Advocate)

  • Reported by Amar Singh (Guwhati) ... 18 Feb, 09
  • First Assam & Tripura Ranji Trophy Player : Mr. Salil Sinha
    Reported by Bijit Sarma(Abu Dubai, UAE) ... 1 Feb, 09
  • First IIT Faculty: Mr. Pradip Sinha, Masughat, Silchar

    As far as I know Pradip Sinha is the first IIT faculty from Bishnupriya Manipuri and he is probably from Masughat, Silchar.
    Please do check the information from your end before posting.
    The followings are the details from the official website of IIT Kanpur.
    Pradip Sinha

    Academic Background:
    Dr. Pradip Sinha is Professor and current Head of the Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering. He received his Ph. D. from Banaras Hindu University. As a Humboldt Foundation Fellow, he received his post-doctoral training in the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg. Prior to joining the BSBE department in June, 2001, he was a Professor of Life Sciences in D. A. University, Indore.

    Research Interests:
    The model organism fruit fly, Drosophila, is ideal for exploring the cellular and developmental basis of human diseases. For instance, nearly two third of the genes implicated in cancers in human are conserved in Drosophila, thereby making it one of the most promising models to explore genetic, cellular and developmental mechanisms of carcinogenesis. Mutation in Drosophila tumor suppressors like lgl, scrib and dlg produce neoplasms while those in fat, lgd, or hippo induce hyperplasia: these, respectively, represent the fly equivalents of cancers and benign overgrowths in human. Dr Sinha's interests are focused on understanding the developmental and genetic basis of cancers and hyperplasia. His eventual goal is to extend this fundamental knowledge from the fly model to the understanding of carcinogenesis in human. Two ongoing investigations in Dr Sinha's lab are:
    Identification of the signaling pathways implicated in Drosophila cancers and hyperplasia, and their cellular and developmental ramifications.
    Study of the transcriptomes in Drosophila to identify the genetic networks perturbed during carcinogenesis and hyperplasia. In this microarray-based approach, he profiles gene expression on the Affymetrix platform.
    BSBE Faculty

    By Mrinal Rajkumar, ... 9 Feb, 09
  • First Indian Navy Commanding Office : Commander Sura Chand Rajkumar

    I have gone through the website of our community that you people have come up with, i feel so great and proud of you people and specially the people who is behind the creation of this site of our community.
    i have gone through the 1st Bishnupriya Manipuri list and was surprised to see it. Thanks for giving me the knowledge that i was unaware.

    Since its for the 1st Bishnupriya Manipuri I would like to recommend my father's name, Commander Sura Chand Rajkumar's name as the first Bishnupriya Manipuri to get commisioned into Indian Navy as an Officer.

    Commander Sura Chand Rajkumar who is serving presently in Indian Navy as an Officer at present as the Commanding Officer of Naval NCC has come up to this very respectable position of gazetted officer after lot struggles in life , inspite of lot of hurdles whether it was of financial matter or not having books to read or not able to have even normal slippers to wear has made his position in the Indian Navy.

    I think my dad's example can motivate youngsters to take their career into defence. I could have also made it into Army to become the first person get commisioned directly in the rank of officer and i almost did it when i cleared CDSE in 2006 and the SSB interview too i got 133 rank in the merit list for OTA but unfortunately i was made medically unfit and i couldnt make it for the training i will regret that for my whole life it was my dream to become the first direct Commisioned Officer from our community.
    But my dad is an inspiration for me in life. I may have failed an exam. But i wont fail in life.

    I will be very happy and feel proud of it if my dads name comes in the list and also my dad will become very happy if he comes to know about this site of our community.


    By Sushanta Sinha, Siliguri, West Bengal, ... 25 Feb, 09
  • First wrote & performed Ramayana In bishnupriya manipuri language : Oja Nabolokishor Sinha, Gokila, Tinokhal, Karimganj
  • First wrote & performed Rashleela, Jaidev (Rathyatra) In bishnupriya manipuri language : Kobi Birendra Sinha, Tinokhal, Karimganj

    Dear All,
    It is here by inform u that the following persons among the 1st Bishnupriya Manipuri:-

    1. Oja Nabolokishor Sinha wrote & performed the Ramayana in Bishnupriya Manipuri language.
    Address: Vill-aGokila, P.O.-Tinokhal, Dist-Karimganj, Assam.

    2.Kobi Birendra Sinha wrote & performed Rashleela, Jaidev (Rathyatra) in Bishnupriya Manipuri language.
    Address:- Vill+P.O.-Tinokhal, Dist-Karimganj, Assam.

    Sushanta Sinha,
    Siliguri, West Bengal.

We will be glad if you can come up with more firsts which can be added to the list. In case you find the details given are not accurate, please feel free to write back to us.

E-mail: bishnupriyamanipuri@gmail.com

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